COBRA, Pink Lemonade, *ACO Approved*


The COBRA, the latest bag from B3 and approved for play in the American Cornhole Organization!

This bag features a faster/fastest type of fabric combo, that will challenge even the most skilled cornhole players to throw… but in the right hands, it is absolutely deadly!
Nothing can stand in the way of this bag, and no board is too slow for a nice climb into the hole.

In a world of slow bags, throw a fast one!

Use this extremely fast bag in an ACO competition nationwide!

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This colorway is the Pink Lemonade version, complete with ACO Approved stamp!

Fast Side

Slow Side

Mixed pellets

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We recommend using these bags in tournament level lanes only. Throwing on grass, gravel, or any surface that you wouldn’t lie down on may cause thread pulls and damage.


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