About B3


Andy here, sole occupant of B3 Cornhole.

What is B3? It stands for “Boards by Blaida”. Wondering how to prononce the last name? Just like on our cornhole board logos with the blade of grass… get it? “Blade-a” grass = ‘Blaida’ 🙂

B3 Cornhole started with humble beginnings. A bunch of us in the neighborhood would get outside and play cornhole together and have a great time. Eventually, one in the group had to move but he left his cornhole boards behind. They weren’t the greatest boards of all time, but they worked for our skill levels.

After some time, I thought hey… I can make a new set for us better than this one, something really rigid with no bounce. I went to the hardware store and picked up some materials, got to work, and spit out the ugliest set of functional boards ever created. Crooked jigsaw holes, screws threw the top, no retractable legs (which is a feature I actually like), no graphics, sharp corners, the list goes on.

I’m not one to stop getting better at something though, so I kept making boards to simply get better at making them. I wanted to make a special set of painted and stained boards for my family members but didn’t know where to start. After finding the Cornhole Collective on youtube, that changed everything and I started making boards in that style.

What about the bags? That’s what everyone asked when they would get boards! Was asked that question enough times to see that I should include bags with boards. So I placed an order for bags, thinking they’d arrive in a week or so. Nope, it took over 5 weeks! I though this was a mistake, so I ordered another set for myself and after a couple of weeks, I could see that it wasn’t a mistake and that it’d be another month before they showed up. During that time, I dove deep into the bag making rabbit hole and found that there was really no information to be found. Had to bite the bullet and get a sewing machine and some cheap fabric to at least get started.

Lucky for me, I was able to lean on a fellow bag builder named Gary. He is the proprietor of Rusty Bags Cornhole and helped me tremendously whenever I got lost or stuck on a problem I couldn’t figure out. It only took a few weeks to have the starting capitol to begin purchasing equipment to colorize the bags and it all showed up on the same day, as fate would have it! Since that day I have been learning, refining, re-learning, and refining my processes again and again for one goal: To deliver bags FAST!!!!!!!

I’m very excited for the future of B3 Cornhole and the bags (and sometimes boards) that will be produced!

Thanks for stopping by,

-Andy Blaida
B3 Cornhole