8 thoughts on “BAG SURGERY

  1. Can you play any ACL tournaments with an ACO stamped bag? Vice versa can you play ACL stamped bags in ACO tournaments?

    1. Hi Dan, currently the ACL will only let you use ACL licensed bags in ACL sanctioned competitions but of course that is up to the people to enforce.
      ACO allows ACL licensed bag (currently) but the ACL logo has to be redacted with a permanent marker.
      It’s the world we live in

      1. Andy: is it possible to do a bag surgery for me on a set of Reynolds carpet bags? I really would like to see the inside construction on these?…thanks,Carl

        1. Absolutely, I have a couple of them for comparison too.

          1. How do I go about it…can I send them in the box that my Illest came in?

  2. And where do I send them

  3. Hello Andy, I have watched some of your videos and you have stated that you would not purchase anything from allcorn website. I would like to know if you think their ACL boards are good? What boards do you recommend? Thanks Rocky

    1. Hi! Their ACL boards are good, just severely overpriced. I highly recommend https://www.stpetecornhole.com/ and ask them about their poly spray finish on a set of boards. The finish is as good if not better than the ACL tv boards and you can customized them. Very fairly priced as well.


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