Ultra Widow-B ACL Pro 2022 – Bag Surgery


Fire Torch (f)
*Fire Assault (f)*

*Fire Assault (s)*
724 Bagger Co. Anarchy (s)

The unique aspects of this bag is the fill, closing stitch, speed dots, and overall shape and feel.
This bag was made to allow a player to easily slide and block without being too punishing. The mid-range speeds of the fabrics lets a somewhat novice or recreational player get the feel for a pro bag. Case in point, my neighbor was playing with a range of my bags and when he got these in his hands, he immediately started boarding almost every bag and was making more than one in the hole per round as well. His playing immediately improved and I think the feel and merciful fabrics helped with that.

The fill is resin media mixed with recycled plastic beads (small) and flat plastic discs. The discs are sparse, and the resin/plastic mix looks to be a 1:1 ratio. This gives it a slightly full feel without feeling too big, and lends itself to a certain ‘drip’ when near the edge of the hole.
The overall shape of the bag is of course square, with slightly less rounded corners than a majority of bags while still maintaining what I call the Ultra look and feel. A large part of that look is the corner shape and the rest is the perfect closing stitch. This is the most perfect, uniform, and consistent closing stitch you will find anywhere. In the video we talk about it being done on a post bed machine with a roller foot, however we currently use the same setup they are using with an edge-guide foot. Ultra has really put the time in to get this stitch to this level of perfection and consistency.
The feel is largely due in part to the blended fill and is extremely consistent as well. The combination of the template shape and amount of fill is what gives it the Ultra feel.

Our one gripe about this bag is the single seam stitch. While done with an automated sewing machine for absolute repeatability in sewing, we feel that a double internal seam is the standard and it doesn’t take any extra time or effort for the machine operator to run a second runstitch program (only time consuming part is making the program).

The fabrics themselves are far from stock. On the slow side, Ultra has put their unique ‘speed dots’ on the fabric to slow it down a little more. This fabric is already a medium-slow fabric and probably doesn’t need the dots, which wear off quickly, but alas there they are.
On the speed side, they used the backside of the fabric as the playing side which we aren’t big fans of but it does give the illusion of using a different fabric on multiple bags. On the vast majority of polyester fabrics, save for single sided microsuede, it doesn’t matter which side is played on because the speed will be the same. In this case, we would have preferred the standard side of the fabric to take advantage of the built-in sheen that would match the sheen on the slow side.

These bags were purchased through the Ultra website on a normal day and paid full price. Shipment got out within a day or two as well.

Andy at B3 Cornhole highly recommends Ultra bags!!! The prices may be a bit higher than most, plus shipping, but we feel that it’s mostly worth the price and advise against buying second-hand Ultra bags. If the price is just too high, check out the Fire Cornhole Assault bag which uses the same materials, sans dots, and also has a mixed fill.
Ultra currently has multiple colors available for the Widow-B bag, check them out here:

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