BG Viking ACL Pro 2022 – Bag Surgery


Ultra Widow-B (f, R)
Fire Torch (f)
Fire Assault (f)

B3 Intimidator

The unique aspects of this bag is the shape/size, fill, and stitching.
This bag was made to perform rolls and flops, and thanks to the fullness and size of the bag it’s able to do these quite easily on slower boards. Faster boards will force the player to finesse the throw much more in order to hit the top at the correct angle and speed to start to roll or flop.

The fill is recycled media with sharp cuts and edges. The overall shape on the cross section is mostly ovular with a divot on one side. they are slightly longer than wide, and have a lighter weight than resin pellets. This is why more pellets are needed to make it to the 16oz mark and combined with the smaller size of the template and thickness of the fabric, make for a very full feeling bag. In our opinion this makes it easier to throw the bag with more speed. The smaller template makes it easier to nail tight airmails and roll into a 25% open hole with no problem. The pellets appear to be a mixed fill at first but we’re pretty sure it’s all the same recycled plastic but in different colors.

The downside to the fuller bag is it will bounce a lot even if you don’t want it to, and won’t absorb impacts as well making it hard to push. This downside becomes an upside when bullying bags.

The stitching on the main seam is two single stitch runs done on top of each other. These were sewn with a computerized pattern machine giving identical sizing and stitches on every bag.

The closing stitch is done the same way through an automated machine doubled over and is very strong. There is zero chance of a pellet sneaking out of the closing seam.

Personally I didn’t like this bag at first but after throwing them a bit and getting used to them, they quickly became favorable. The fuller feel and crunchy sound make it easy to hold and really rip down the boards.
These bags were purchased through the BG website during a Veteran’s Day release and paid full price. Shipment got out within a day or two, as these bags were a special release graphic and were pre-made before selling a capped quantity.

Andy at B3 Cornhole highly recommends BG bags!!! The price is close to and at $100 plus shipping and we feel this an average price for this kind of pro stamped bag.
The currently have multiple colors and designs available for the Viking bag, check them out here:

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