Reynolds Bags Pro Edge Speed – Bag Surgery




-Mixed plastic/resin fill

The unique aspects of this bag is the fabric, fill, and closing seam.
This bag is a classic Reynolds bag, a mid-speed bruiser that just won’t quit. The more you play, the more it breaks in and becomes a deadly tool that can do it all. Cut, roll, flop, slide, push; it all depends on the player and their control over the bag. This bag will perform great on pretty much any board.

The fill is recycled media with smooth cuts and edges, mixed with a similar sized and shaped resin pellet. This fill should be sturdy in your hand thanks to the resin, and have a nice flex and flow thanks to the plastic pellets mixed in. We’re not sure which came first… the plastic or the resin… but they sure do work well together. Feeling of the bag is above the midway mark between too empty and too full making it easy to hold and still carry power through bags in a push. This bag will react well on bounce and flop style shots as long as you can throw it with enough power.

The fabrics are mid speed on both sides, we rate this bag a 4 on the slow side (slower on slow boards of course), and a 6 on the fast side. Both sides have a good weight to them and will break-in well for max flexability. The slow side is Reynolds’ original brand carpet material. The fast side is a tight twill fabric in polyester.

The main stitching is a double seam with roughly 1/8″ in gap between the two. The template isn’t a perfect square, it seems the sides were sewn to bulge slightly. When the bag is flipped and filled, it takes the shape of a nice plump bag. The corners are rounded. The closing seam is also a Reynolds classic, the double bartack straight stitch with a zig-zag running over the top. This smaller width stitch will stay tight throughout the life of the bag. The thread throughout the bag is a strong thread that should never fail.

This bag is like non-flashy work boots: they won’t turn heads, but once they break-in they’re a great fit for the owner and will do work.

Andy at B3 Cornhole highly recommends Reynolds bags!!! These bags are inflation proof. The price is very reasonable and they ship fast. Reynolds has great consistency and an ACL stamp to boot.
The currently have multiple colors for the Pro Edge Speed bag, check them out here: