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The newest bag from B3, FELON, is ACO APPROVED and ready to do some damage!

This mid-speed bag has the same slow side as our illest bag, and the same fast side as the Infiltrator and Calm bag. It will play like a slightly faster Infiltrator on the slow side with increased flex and drip.

Currently available in four colorways:
Lights Out (black)
D.O.C. (orange)
Graybar Hotel (gray)
Blood Moon (red)

Customs are AVAILABLE here:
Customized Felon

Collect up to 399 Points.

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Fast Side

Slow Side
4 or 5, depending on conditions

Mixed pellets

Shipping is included in the price

No refunds or exchanges

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Black ACO, Grey ACO, Orange ACO, Red ACO, Blue ACO, Rust ACO, Black, Grey, Orange, Red, Blue, Rust


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