Decimator 2


The DECIMATOR 2 is the next evolution of an original bag!

Using the same slow side as before, but now with the B3 Performance Liner for the maximum in plushy feel and performance.

The fast side was flipped over to the smooth side of the fabric to be a slightly faster fast side when you need it most.

Template and fill is also new, utilizing our latest medium+ template with a bit more corner, this makes room for the B3 HYPER BL3ND 3-part fill giving it the best in grip and drip.

These are only available WITH the ACO Approved stamp!


Collect up to 399 Points.


Fast Side

Slow Side
5 (carpet), B3 Performance Liner

B3 HYPER BL3ND – 3 Part Fill

Shipping is included in the price

No refunds or exchanges

Additional information


Red, Graphite, Grey, White, Yellow/Black, EL3CTRIC Yellow, EL3CTRIC Pink, EL3CTRIC Orange, EL3CTRIC Purple, EL3CTRIC Blue


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