“Sumo”, 4 Bag Set


This is a half-set of four (4) pro-style cornhole bags, each one hand-made with precision to meet the size and weight limit regulations of the big league.

The bags are made with two different “slow side” fabrics:
‘Sumo’ side has a speed rated at 2 out of 10, 10 being the fastest.
‘B3’ side has a speed rated at 5 out of 10.

These bags feature a Tegata-style handprint on the slower side, and the B3 logo inset on a distressed rising sun flag.

Both sides are superbly flexible, and the bags use our best fill to make them extremely hole friendly.
This bag can block with the Sumo side, and still slip through to the hole on the B3 side.
Rounded corners and a consistent weight of 16.2oz/bag will let you expand your skills as a competitive cornhole player.

Orders ship within a few days of purchase!

Currently 10-15 day lead from starting a new order build

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