CUSTOMIZED Infiltrator Synthetics w/ Bourbon Boards Logo


The latest bags from B3, now with the Bourbon Boards logo!

This listing is for a customized design or pattern for the Infiltrator, to be designed by Victor @ Bourbon Boards.


Currently 2-3 weeks from starting a new order build



These bags are made with B3’s newest Synthetic line of fabrics.
The solid side will perform flawlessly and consistently  in any weather or board conditions!

Speed ratings, 10 being the fastest:
Synthetic Side = 4/10
Speed Side = 7/10

All bags measure 5-7/8″ across with rounded corners and a weight of 16oz.

Show your support of Bourbon Boards with these bags!

Please note, the bag will be in line with the main color of the synthetic side, and will retain the Infiltrator name graphics that match the color of the synthetic side.
Meaning, an Alpine color selection will have the Alpine Infiltrator name graphics in the same place as the standard Infiltrator bag.


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